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Therabiois a website dedicated to helping others craft the perfect resume, cover letter, and biodata sure to land them their dream job. We aim to be the go-to resource when it comes to drafting, writing, and editing your resume or biodata.It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate, young professional, or middle-aged salaryman. Our team of certified resume writers and career experts are happy to assist in creating a resume that is entirely professional and uniquely your own.





Therabio.org aims to be the number-one resource for all things resume- and biodata-related. Short of writing your resume for you, we offer two huge ways to help you jet-start your career; tips and templates. We publish fresh blog articles daily with fresh, helpful tips to polishing your resume and crafting your biodata. They also come in the form of downloadable PowerPoints, flowcharts, and even explainer videos.

We also have a library of downloadable resume templates that can be easily edited and reused. As an added bonus, some of the templates are tailored to fit a certain career choice or position. If you’re aiming for an accounting job, a retail job, or a position in the engineering industry, we’ve got just the template for you.



Therabioonly chooses the best of the industry to create, edit, craft, and contribute to our ever-growing database of resume writing tips. From done-for-you resume templates to font guidelines to basic how-to’sin writing cover letters, we make sure we cover anything and everything you want and need to know.

We pride ourselves on being one hundred percent thorough. All our suggestions are backed by hard-hitting facts, statistics, and knowledge culled from years of experience. We don’t just tell you how to write a good resume; we break it down for you, and then we expound. We have tips on just about anything involved in the writing and creating process – which fonts to choose, what kind of paper to print it on, how to format it, and so on.

Do you want to know how to write a career objective? How to write your profile so it comes out professional, regardless of experience or educational background? We have blog articles and explainer videos that cover all that and more. We delve into all the possible resume formats available and we guide you in choosing the right one. We also have listed articles with nice, neat bullet points that can guide you in writing your Skills Section, Education Section, and Personal Information.

Not fond of reading too long, but not in the mood to watch videos? No problem. We also have flowcharts, downloadable PowerPoint slides, and beautifully-crafted infographics that cover the exact same things, just broken down into easily-digestible chunks of information.



Biodata – short for Biographical Data – is the part of your resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) that contains all factual and quantifiable information about you. It’s a snapshot, if you will, of your personal life; your date of birth, mother and father’s name, marital status, gender, height, weight, and so on.

Given this description, it may seem like there’s no possible way to mess up writing your biodata. It is, after all, just facts about you. Unfortunately, a lot of people usually make the mistake of undermining their biodata, failing to see the impact it can have on your career. Your biodata serves as your first impression and can – quite literally – make or break your chances of getting hired.

Professional biodata usually includes an overview of your educational and profession history, as well as your aptitude and skills in certain areas. For a snapshot that is usually overlooked, a proper biodata can be up to 3 pages in length, and it follows a very specific format. In certain countires, biodata that doesn’t follow specified format can be rejected on sight.

You don’t want that, and we don’t want that either. That’s why we at Therabiomake it a point to include all the possible acceptable formats for biodateand resumes, and we have guidelines and tips for choosing the right one.



We’re all about helping others succeed in their chosen careers and profession. All our team members here at Therabio.org have a burning desire help people go places, and we achieve that through doing what we do best. We believe everyone – regardless of age, background, or experience – deserves a fair, equal chance to be screened and selected.

We’re already set in our careers – let us do the same for you.