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TBI: Theragen BiO institute

TBI (Theragen BiO Institute) is the Genome Business Division of Theragen Inc. Korea.

TBI provides genome sequencing, analysis, and hardware/software box. Are you interested in joining us for realizing the genome revolution?

It is headed by Dr. Jong Bhak, CEO of TBI (The genomics division of TheragenEtex Inc.):




 TBI News
►TBI has a San Diego office (from 2013 Jan.)
Research: TBI is genomics/bioinformatics center

Personalized Medicine

Personal Genomics

AngioGenesis drug


RNA expression

Protein structure


Projects at TBI

♦  GenomeCare: TBI aims to link genes to diseases

♦  Korean Genome: The first Korean genome was analyzed by Theragen scientists.

♦  Asian Genome Diversity: PASNP

♦  Family Genome Sequencing: Theragen is working with LCDI and Samsung SDS to sequence 2 family genomes.

♦  Molecular Diagnosis



 Resources at TBI
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 Theragen BiO researchers


  Jong Bhak

  SungHoon Lee



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